ICOC-X: Presenters and Presentation Titles

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Serife Atlihan, Turkey End Designs on Topkapi Palace Museum Prayer Rugs

Siawosch Ulrich Azadi, Germany The Importance of Signed and Dated Post-Classic Persian Carpets and Rugs

Yonathan Bard, USA Pattern Irregularities in Turkmen Rugs

Herwig Bartels, Morocco Textiles of the Ait Wafqa Berber Tribe, Anti-Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Peter Bichler, Austria Etruscan Textiles from 800 to 350 BC

Carol Bier, USA Looking at Carpets/Seeing Mathematics and Philosophy

Stephanie Bunn, UK Felt Carpets of the Central Asian Nomads

Roger G. Cavanna, USA The Qashqai as Settled Cottage Industry Weavers

Robert Chenciner, UK Dragons in the Caucasus

Thomas Cole, USA Turkmen Embroidery

Nehat Diyarbekirli, Turkey The Art of Weaving in in Southwest Anatolia

Christian Erber, Germany Large Medallion Suzanies in German Collections

Thomas J. Farnham, USA Creating a Collection: The Rockefeller Experience

Aimee Froom, USA The Brooklyn Museum of Art's Spanish Carpet

Sophia Gates, USA The Science of Art: Looking at Rugs Through a Painter's Eyes

Anette Granlund, Sweden The Development of the Swedish Carpet

Ernst J. Grube, United States Some Thoughts on Suzanis

Jessica Hallett, Portugal Carpets in Portugal

Eileen Bedoukian Hampshire, USA The Angel Rug

Sumru Belger Krody, USA From Tulips to Roses: Changing Trends in Ottoman Embroidery

Markku Lemmetyinen, Finland Tracks of the Sledge

DeWitt Mallary, USA Designs Common to Baluch Group Rugs and Urban/Workshop Carpets of Khorasan

Marla Mallett, USA Some Odd Technical Features in Turkmen Tent Bands

Renate Anna Menzel, Austria The Language of Patterns in Tribal Women's Textiles of Central Tunisia

Brian Morehouse, USA Three Fars Rugs

Khosrow Movahed, Iran The Effect of Natural Dyeing on Persian Carpet Quality

Sumiyo Okumura, Turkey The Octagonal Medallion on Mamluk Carpets

Cyrus Parham, Iran The Botteh Motif

Robert Pinner, UK The Turkmen Ensi

Steven Price, USA "Stray Reds" in Turkmen Weavings

Jurg Rageth, Switzerland Radiocarbon Dating and Oriental Carpet & Textile Studies

Janet M. Roberts, USA Continuity and Loss in a Journey on the Silk Road

David Reuben, UK Tribal Gols of the Turkmen

Tad Runge, USA The Growth of the Rug Industry in Persia in the Late 19th Century

Taher Sabahi, Italy DIV: Demons, Winged Genies and Talking Trees: From Myth to Rug

Susan Scollay, Australia Hunting Imagery in Kaitag Embroideries from Daghestan

Sarah B. Sherrill, USA Ghost Story: Vestiges of a Vanished Turkish Carpet Design Seen in Some European 16th- and 17th-Century Embroidered and Pile Carpets

Franz Sindermann, Germany, and Manvi Seth, India Some Facts about the Jaipur Carpet Treasury

Erika Tashlitskaya, USA Color Features of Daghestan Carpets

Jon Thompson, UK The Origin of the "Lappet" Design in Anatolian Yastiks

Elena Tsareva, Russia Knotted Weavings of the Karakalpaks

Nalan Turkmen, Turkey Some Examples of Anatolian Textiles Woven by the Karakecili

Michael Wendorf, USA Weftless Soumak, An 8000 Year-Old Weaving Tradition

Rika Yamamoto, Japan Zoroastrian Textiles

Poster Presentations

Youssef Azemoun, Turkey An Etymological Study of the Russian Kovyor (Carpet)

Mustafa Genç and Recep Karadag, Turkey Weaving in Silifke Turkmen

Elgin Karadag and Recep Karadag, Turkey Major Characteristics of the Biggest Hereke Carpet in the Yildiz Sale Mansion

Irina Koshoridze, Georgia Akhaltzikhe Rugs

Didem Ozhekim, Turkey Common Motifs in West Anatolian Carpets

Chris K. Palmer, USA Geometry in Mamluk Rugs

Franz Sindermann, Germany A Statistical Investigation of the 17th-Century Red Ground Floral Carpets

Cigdem Cini Senturk, Turkey Design Categories in Anatolian Kilims

Shiv Sikri, USA Noise versus Signal in Oriental Rugs

Hulya Tezcan, Turkey The Gift Procession Tents of the Ottoman Sultans

Martin Tischer, Germany Turkmen Ensis and European Door-Architecture

Film Presentations

Harald Böhmer, Turkey Kelim Weaving and Brocading Flatweaves by Yörüks

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